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Elevate your business with farrther Select

Experience the power of global connectivity as we link customer demand worldwide with your unique offers. Let's expand your horizons together.

How it works



Begin by completing a short application form, sharing what makes your business special and why it's a great match for Farrther Select.



After approval, we'll work closely together to authenticate your business information. This involves confirming your location, services, and any exclusive offers for farrther Select travelers.



Your business will become a part of the Farrther Select network. Travelers can explore your services, include your business in their travel plans, and share their experiences with other fellow travelers.




Global Exposure

Gain access to a global audience of travelers actively seeking unique and authentic experiences in your area

Increased Revenue


Tap into the lucrative tourism market by offering tailored services and unforgettable local experiences.


Enhanced Credibility

Become part of a select group of businesses known for their commitment to quality, safety, and excellence.

Marketing and Support:


Gain access to marketing support and tools to promote your services to a wider audience.

  • How does the booking process work for travelers who want to experience our services through your app?
    Travelers can easily browse and book your services through our app. They select their preferred date and time, make a reservation, and receive a confirmation.
  • What types of businesses can become partners?
    We welcome a variety of businesses, including restaurants, tour operators, local artisans, cultural centers, and more. If your business can enhance a traveler's experience, you're a potential partner.
  • Do I have control over pricing and availability?
    Yes, as a partner, you have control over pricing, availability, and the services you offer. You can adjust these according to your business needs.
  • Is there a cost associated with becoming a partner?
    We may charge a nominal fee or commission on bookings to cover our operational costs. The specific terms will be outlined in our partnership agreement.
  • How will partnering with your app affect my online presence and reputation?
    Partnering can positively impact your online presence and reputation, as travelers leave reviews and ratings based on their experiences with your business.
  • How do I receive payments for bookings made through the app?
    We facilitate secure payments and transfer the earnings from bookings to your preferred payment method.
  • Can I connect my social media profiles to my partner profile?
    Yes, you can link your social media profiles to your partner profile, allowing travelers to connect with you through various channels.
  • What happens if I need assistance or have questions about my partnership?
    We offer customer support to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter during your partnership with us.
  • What if I want to temporarily pause or end my partnership with your app?
    You can manage your availability and partnership status within the app. If you decide to pause or end your partnership, simply update your settings.
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